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A Startup Exit Calculator

I recently came across a post by Brad Feld pointing to a really great option vesting calculator by Simeon Simeonov, wherein Brad asked at the end for a simplified exit analysis calculator. I was inspired to take some cap tables I had lying around and strip them down a bit in Google Docs, which left me with a (hopefully) pretty good quick-and-dirty tool for looking at potential investment rounds and exits for your startup. I'll get around to making it a form like that option-vesting calculator eventually, but no reason to keep it a secret until then. It's best viewed on the Google Docs site; their embed functionality really isn't what it could be:

Startup Exit Calculator

A few caveats are in order, though:
1. It is just the one spreadsheet shared publicly, so any edits you make will be seen by anyone else looking at it. If secrecy is at all important, download it as an Excel file.
2. For simplicity's sake, I didn't account for anti-dilution protections, so if you put in a down round, the resulting ownership breakdown won't quite reflect what it might be in reality.
3. Finally, and most importantly, IAAL but this is not legal advice. If you actually need some of that, send me an email and we'll talk.

Hope some find this helpful; comments and suggestions always appreciated.

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